How to Remove Carpet Gripper

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Carpet rippers, metal strips with pins or prongs, hold carpet and related padding in place to keep the material from bunching up, rolling on the ends and causing someone to fall. The strips also let you install carpet quickly without having to use glue or nails.

When changing from carpeting to another type of flooring, you must remove carpet grippers from your floor carefully to keep the metal from scratching and damaging the floor or subfloor underneath the carpeting.

Sweep the room or area containing the carpet grippers with a broom to remove debris from around the grippers. Wear work gloves to keep your hands clean.

Sweep the debris onto a dust pan. Dispose of the debris in a trash bag or can.

Place a chisel or crowbar under the carpet grippers. Gently pull up on the chisel or crowbar to free the grippers from the floor.

Use pliers to pull any staples or fasteners used with the grippers, if any are present, from the floor. Dispose of the carpet grippers, staples and fasteners in the trash bag or can.