How to upholster a pelmet

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A pelmet can cover the top of a window and hide curtain rails and features you might not want seen. They are also useful in blocking drafts when coupled with thick, heavy drapes.

Building a pelmet is not a difficult task and only requires you to set out a geometric pattern, cut wood or fiberboard to size and trim out the pattern with a jigsaw. Once your pelmet is complete you can pad and upholster it before putting it up.

Cut the padding foam to the same shape as the pelmet. Use the pelmet as the template for the foam and place it on top of the foam to mark the lines. Cut out the pattern and use the spray glue to fix the foam to the pelmet board to fix it into place.

Roll out the upholstery material and place it flat down on a firm surface, pattern-side down. Place the pelmet board with foam onto the underside of the material and mark the edges, leaving a generous hem of about 3 inches.

Spray the hem edges with the glue and turn 1 inch over, onto itself and stick it down. Once all the edges have been turned, pull the material tight over the long edges of the pelmet and staple them to the underside of the pelmet board.

Tighten and pull the short edges and staple them to the pelmet board. Make sure you leave no creases on the display side when you tighten the material, otherwise you will have to undo it and start over.

Cut a piece of material to match the shape of the back on the pelmet and glue the hem down. Staple the hemmed edges to the back of the pelmet to cover the remaining wood or fiberboard.