Unique Medical Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

Giving a medical gift to a medical professional is the perfect way to show him how much you respect his profession. Doctors and others in the medical field are special people, and the gift you give a person of this calibre should be special as well. Choose a gift that will match the type of work the professional is trained to do. Look for unique medical gifts at medical supply stores and at stores that sell gifts for business professionals.

For the Desk

Give a personalised desk set to the medical professional who is graduating. This is an attractive gift, especially when it is made of marble. Present the medical professional you know with bookends, or a holder for his prescription pad. Surprise him with a brass magnifier that is not only decorative, but useful as well. Present him with a beautiful hourglass, or a desk clock with the medical professional symbol on it (this symbol, called the caduceus, is a staff that has wings at the top and two spiralling serpents). Other unique desk medical gifts include a case for the professional's business cards, a bookmark, a medical letter opener, a paperweight, a penholder, or a mini desk organiser.

For Medical Use

Add a digital thermometer to the new doctor's collection of medical tools, or give a stethoscope or a sphygmomanometer (a tool for measuring blood pressure). Present the doctor with a scale or microscope he can put in the room he works in most often; a set of dissecting tools can also come in handy.

Other Unique Medical Gifts

Present a set of drinking glasses that have a pharmaceutical design etched on them to a pharmacist pal, or give a decanter, stein or wineglass set that displays the recognisable caduceus symbol. Other gift ideas include doctor or nurse figurines; a marble mortar and pestle; a medically themed print to decorate the professional's office; or a hand-painted apothecary jar.

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