How to Make a Sir Walter Raleigh Costume

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Sir Walter Raleigh was a 17th-century English renaissance man and a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, according to Luminarium. Raleigh was an explorer, courtier, spy and writer who helped colonise Virginia. He was put to death in 1618 for an attack he led against a Spanish settlement in the New World. Making a Sir Walter Raleigh costume is easy and can be done by cobbling together several items from around the house and adding a few others.

Find a pair of tights. Raleigh is most often portrayed wearing black, brown, grey or white tights. These should fit snugly, but don't worry, most of the area will be covered up.

Add loose fitting trousers or shorts. The trousers should open up around the knee area or just below. Try to match the trousers to the tights -- an earth-tone such as brown or green is best.

Wear brown or black leather shoes or boots. Raleigh is sometimes depicted in boots, other times in shoes. However, keeping with the time, the footwear should be leather and, if possible, well-worn. If you choose boots, they should lace high up the leg.

Wear a white or beige collared shirt with buttons done all the way up. The shirt should have full-length sleeves and, if possible, should be a bit loose on the body.

Add a sash or half-cape. Raleigh is usually portrayed with some kind of half-cape or, at times, a sash. This piece should match the trousers and tights, but brown or dark red should be appropriate.

Grow a beard or wear a fake beard. Raleigh is well known for having a long beard with a pronounced moustache. If possible, shape the beard in a long triangle stretching from the bottom of the lip to halfway or so down the neck.

Accessorise. Raleigh was a man of several talents. So, depending on the kind of Raleigh you want to be, add a sword, a book or even a spyglass to highlight one or more of Raleigh's talents or functions.

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