Dragon crafts for kids

Updated November 21, 2016

Many children love dragons. They enjoy dragon pictures, dragon movies and cartoons, books about dragons and pretending to be dragons. These mythical creatures can give your children hours of fun through all of these media. Games of pretend also encourage your children to think and imagine, which strengthens their minds, thinking skills and ability to visualise. Feed your child's imagination further by helping him create dragon crafts.

Tissue Paper Dragon Mask

This craft helps pass a rainy afternoon, especially if you have several children involved. The end product can be used for games once the rain goes away or for less rambunctious games indoors.

Use a paper plate for each mask. Cut the paper plates so they have pointed ears on the top and long snouts at the bottom. Cut eye holes as well. Tear up little pieces of tissue paper and help your children glue them to the paper plates as scales; glue one end of each tuft to the plate and leave the other end loose to make 3-D scales. Use long strips of paper for whiskers, head fins on water dragons and head ridges on other dragons. Let the children pick from different colours for their scales--such as green, blue, pink, purple and yellow.

Chinese Dragon

Use this craft to teach your children about different kinds of dragons and different cultures. Make this dragon around the Chinese New Year and tell your children stories about when and how this holiday is celebrated. Talk to your children about how Chinese dragons are different from European dragons.

Cut a piece of construction paper, preferably red, in half lengthwise. Paint some gold patterns on the paper and fold each piece into an accordion when dry. Glue the pieces together end-to-end. Draw a dragon's head and tail on a piece of cardboard, cut them out and paint them. Glue the head and tail to opposite ends of the accordion and glue Popsicle sticks right behind and in front of the tail for handles.

Paper Tube Dragon

This craft works well for children who love action figures and puppets. It's also a good way to recycle. Clean off some toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes and help your child paint them whatever colours she wants. Use a solid colour and then paint an oval of a different colour on the front for the dragon's belly. Paint spots on the body, too, if you like. Cut out and paint dragon heads, tails, legs and wings from cardboard or paper and glue them to the tubes. Use toilet paper tubes for small dragons and paper towel tubes for larger dragons. Create dragons from different parts of the world including fire, ice, wind and earth dragons, European dragons, Chinese dragons, Mayan dragons and African dragons. Paint a large piece of cardboard green and use modelling clay and boxes to make homes for the dragons as well.

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