Preschool Art Ideas About Opposites

Updated June 26, 2018

Teaching opposites to preschool students often presents a challenge. The abstract concept can prove confusing for young kids. Integrating a variety of opposites activities into the preschool curriculum gives the students lots of chances to practice the concept. Art activities with an opposites theme add a creative touch to the preschool lesson.


Opposite textures work well to create art projects for preschool students. For this activity, gather a variety of materials that offer opposite textures. For example, you might have a piece of smooth foil wrapping paper and a rough bamboo mat or a soft piece of faux fur and a hard piece of plastic. Have the students create a picture using two opposite materials. Depending on the material, you may need to help with the cutting.

Opposites Collage

Collages are good for preschool students because they get the chance to cut and glue pictures. This helps them improve their fine motor skills while using their creativity and learning about opposites. For this art project, you'll need magazines, clip art images and other sources for pictures. Encourage the students to find pairs of opposites to include on the collage. The organisation of the pictures is up to the kids. They might place the two pictures side by side or divide the paper in half, placing half of each opposite pair on either side of the collage.

Opposites Book

A homemade book is another art project the preschoolers can use to practice the concept of opposites. Fold several sheets of printer paper or card stock to create the pages of the book and have the students draw pairs of opposites on the inside pages.

Growing Dogs

The growing dog art project depicts the difference between long and short. You'll need a template for the front and back side of the dog. A dachshund is an appropriate breed for this activity due to its naturally long stature. A long rectangle of brown paper folded accordion style creates the body of the dog. The students can glue the head and tail end of their dog to the accordion paper. While the body is folded, punch a hole through the middle, place a straw through the hole and tape it to the dog's head. This allows the preschoolers to make the dog long and short.

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