Spirit week day ideas

Updated June 13, 2017

Whether you’re organising spirit week activities for an elementary school, junior high or high school, devise a different theme for each day to keep the students involved and engaged. Choose ideas that give the kids an opportunity to dress up, hold contests and participate in class competitions to show their camaraderie and school spirit.

Pajama Day

Invite the students to roll out of bed and remain in their pyjamas throughout the school day. Design spirit week posters that feature the school name or words to school cheers painted on 22-by-28-inch white poster board cut with scissors into fluffy cloud shapes. Organise a baby photo game that requires students to match the teachers with their baby photos posted on the cafeteria, gymnasium or library wall.

Spring Fling

Center the day’s activities around a floral theme if spirit week falls in the spring. Encourage the students to dress up in flower-covered shirts, trousers and accessories such as floral hats and jewellery. Organise a spirit week fundraiser by selling fresh carnations to students so they can present the blooms to friends, teachers or secret crushes. Hold a campus improvement activity by inviting students to decorate inexpensive plastic pots with paints, glitter glue or stickers in school colours. Place flowers in the pots to brighten the look of the school library or classrooms.

Backwards Day

Shake up the day by letting the kids wear their clothing backwards. Instruct the school cafeteria to sell breakfast foods for lunch or invite the kids to eat their desserts first. Switch the order of daily activities, such as reading morning announcements at the end of the day. Adventurous teachers can give the class a backwards assignment that allows the kids to teach a lesson and give the teacher a homework assignment.

Costume Party

Let the students celebrate Halloween early by dressing up as characters from favourite books to show how much they’ve learnt in reading or English literature class. Organise a costume parade at lunch to let the kids show off their literary outfits and present prizes such as bookstore gift cards or homework passes to the students with the best outfits. Set up class competitions such as a book relay race that requires the kids to walk across the blacktop and back while balancing two to three textbooks on their heads before handing the books off to the next teammate in line.

Mascot Day

Encourage the students to show school spirit on the last day of the week by wearing school colours and bringing toys or stuffed animals that represent the school mascot. Award a prize such as a pizza party to the classroom or grade level that has the most students wearing the colours and award a certificate to one student from each grade level with the most imaginative use of colours. Hold competitions to determine which classroom or grade can shout a school cheer the loudest or paint the most creative poster featuring the school or mascot name.

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