Unique cotton anniversary gifts

Updated March 23, 2017

Cotton makes a perfect second anniversary gift. Light, soft and sensual, a cotton gift need not be boring. According to the website,, cotton represents prosperity and durability. Think cotton, but with a unique twist, to celebrate the end of your second year of marriage.

For Both of You

Anniversaries deserve special attention. According to, modesty serves as the second anniversary symbol. But, modesty need not preclude a unique gift. Pamper each other with a gift both of you will enjoy. Fold an organic cotton gift wrap around fragrant bath oil, massage oil, two luxurious cotton towels, scented candles and a CD of your favourite romantic music. Just add wine and your second anniversary will be one to remember.

For Him

If your husband is a college football fan, give him a second anniversary gift that will get his attention: Plan a trip to the next Cotton Bowl. Even if your anniversary isn't close to the winter game, this is something he can look forward to. Whether or not his team wins, a trip to a major college football championship game is a big win for both of you.

For Her

Cotton gifts come in surprising forms. Give your bride a gift of a dozen soft cotton, pure white roses. Cotton roses make a unique gift. No only do they fill the traditional second anniversary theme, but these flowers will last a long time. Add a personalised poem printed on a scroll.

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