Ideas for a 2nd wedding anniversary present

Updated April 17, 2017

A tradition followed by many people has been giving an anniversary gift made out of a particular material suited for that year anniversary. Traditionally, the second wedding anniversary brings gifts made out of cotton, while a more modern list suggests china. Both present a lot of possibilities for wonderful gifts. Pair a cotton or china gift with additional miscellaneous items to add to the special occasion.


Cotton lends itself to a great choice of buying your loved one a new outfit, whether it's a T-shirt or dress slacks. You can buy your spouse a new dressy outfit to wear for going out on the town to celebrate.

Bed Linens

A nice comfy new bedspread is a practical gift for the second anniversary. You can even surprise your spouse by making the bed with the new sheets and comforter and spreading rose petals across the bed or laying a bouquet of flowers on it.


Aprons are a popular gift for men or women. These days, aprons are sold in all kinds of decorations and styles---some with clever, humorous sayings on them. Cooking items and utensils can be placed in the pockets.

Decorative Plates

A gorgeous hand-painted china plate on a stand can serve as a lovely piece of art and is a nice addition to a home's decor for a second wedding anniversary. Plates can even be personalised with wedding photos and have the wedding date or a special message inscribed on them.


Soft, monogrammed cotton towels are a popular anniversary gift. Other bath items can be included with the towels, such as lotions, bubble bath, shampoo, soap and more.


A soft cotton robe is comfortable to lounge around in on those less hectic days. Include some comfortable slippers to go with the robe and maybe place a gift token for a day at the spa in the robe pocket.


Husbands can buy a beautiful china vase for their wives and place a gorgeous bouquet of flowers inside. Don't forget to include that special note to tell her how special the past two years have been.


Cotton throws have all kinds of decorations and sayings on them appropriate for a wedding anniversary. Some retailers provide personalised throws.

Going Out

Take the modern anniversary gift list literally by taking a trip to China. If that's not in the budget, go to a nice Chinese restaurant for dinner or visit Chinatown. Go with the cotton theme and celebrate with a fun day at an amusement park, circus or fair--complete with some candyfloss.

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