Space crafts for kids

Updated June 26, 2018

Space crafts combine the creativity of art projects with the science of outer space. Kids of all ages enjoy studying space topics making it an engaging choice for craft themes. The space crafts work well as a supplemental activity during a classroom space unit. They also work well as rainy-day crafts for space fans at home.

Paper Mache Planets

Small round balloons create the moulds for making paper mache planet models. You can blow the balloons up to different sizes to simulate the relative size of the planets to one an other. For example, the Mercury balloon would be very small whereas you would blow the Jupiter balloon much larger. A simple paste made with one part flour and two parts water is used to cover the balloons. Dip strips of newspaper in the paste, removing the excess with your finger and thumb. Each layer of newspaper should dry before the next is applied. Three layers should be enough to make sturdy planets. Once the structure is solid, you can pop the balloons. Paint the shapes to resemble the actual planets to complete the craft.

Space Shuttle

A paper towel roll creates the main body of this model space shuttle. Cover it with construction paper or paint it to make it resemble a rocket. A large triangle cut from poster board or card stock creates the fins of the space shuttle. Glue the triangle to the back side of the tube to assemble the rocket. A cone made from a circle of construction paper is attached to the top of the space shuttle. Strips of red tissue paper attached to the bottom of the tube resembles the flames from the rocket as it blasts into space.


Alien-themed crafts add an entertaining twist to the space theme. There are a number of ways the kids can create three-dimensional aliens. One simple idea is to use a craft foam ball as the body of the alien. Craft stores sell the balls in many sizes so your alien can be large or small. Cut out feet from cardboard or craft foam to keep the ball from rolling. The kids can paint the balls or cover them with yarn and other craft supplies to create their aliens. Pipe cleaner antennae, wiggly eyes and other accents finish off the aliens.

Moon's Surface

Kids can make a replica of the moon with this simple craft. Each child needs a circle to represent the moon. Card stock or poster board works well as the material for the moon. Dip a piece of bubble wrap into grey paint and press it all over the moon shape to recreate the craters on the moon's surface. They can paint the background one colour and make the craters with a darker colour for a more finished look.

Starry Sky

A starry night scene can be created in multiple ways. One way is to poke holes in a piece of black paper. Hold the paper up to the window or another light source to see the stars light up. Another option is paint a piece of white paper with black or navy blue paint. Before the paint dries, sprinkle it with glitter. The glitter will stick to the paint and create a starry look. A final option is to draw stars with white crayons on a white piece of paper. The kids then paint over the entire paper with black or dark blue watercolour paint. The crayon stars will resist the paint and pop out against the dark sky.

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