Costume ideas for a sea party

Updated March 17, 2017

Somewhere beyond the sea is the perfect costume for your aquatic-themed party. When deciding on a costume to wear for a sea-related event, you can choose between going as a creature of the sea, someone who enjoys the sea or the sea itself. These sea-themed costumes can be created with old clothes and accessories, or you can purchase ready-made costumes in stores to achieve your desired look.


Make a fish costume. You can choose to purchase a ready-made fish costume or paint your face to resemble your favourite aquatic creature. Use fabric paint on a solid-coloured sweatsuit to add scales for a homemade costume.


Take several green fabrics of different shade and cut them into strips. Lay the strips over yourself or glue them to a T-shirt to become seaweed.

Coral reef

Paint several large pieces of styrofoam different tropical colours. Once dry, attach them to a blue sweatsuit using glue or Velcro. Once you have the costume on, paint a tropical fish onto both of your cheeks to go as the coral reef.


A simple starfish costume can be made using a hooded sweat shirt and matching sweat pants. You may have to keep your legs in a wide stance and your arms above your head for the costume to reach its full effect.


Go to the sea party as an invading human by wearing a wetsuit to be a scuba diver or a sailor suit for a man or woman of the sea. Cover a pirate costume in seaweed and hold a piece of broken wood representing your destroyed ship to become a less than fortunate inhabitant of the underwater world.


Attend the sea party as a mermaid or merman. A piece of sequinned green fabric wrapped around your legs can create an instant set of fins. Women can attach seashells onto a bikini top, while men can go shirtless or wear a brightly coloured tank top.


Instead of dressing like a fish, go to the party dressed as a chicken or horse. Explain to party guests that you are a chicken of the sea or a seahorse. Keep a can of tuna handy for confused guests.


Paint a box to resemble a ship and cut a hole in the top for your head to fit through. Or try to recreate the Titanic as a costume and bring a guest covered in white styrofoam to act as your iceberg.

The Beach

Apply glue to an old swimsuit and then pour a mix of sand and gold glitter over the material. Your resulting costume will be a sandy beach.

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