Interior Archway Ideas

Written by john fechik | 13/05/2017
Interior Archway Ideas
Room showing archway entrance. (living room 2. image by mdb from

Transform a plain or square doorway into a magnificent piece of art with an archway. Archways are made in three different shapes and come in many styles and designs. You can find the perfect one to match your personal preference and other decor, choosing from the classic archway varieties of elliptical, segmented or rounded.

Elliptical Archways

The elliptical archway is elongated at the top with rounded corners. Elliptical archways look great as an entrance into a room with vaulted ceilings and help to continue the grandeur of the room. Using fancy items like a keystone accent piece at the top centre of the arch adds more character to the archway. By adding flat, half columns on the sides with a capital (top) along with a plinth (bottom) piece, you can create an impressive look for your archway.

Adding accent lights to shine on the archway looks stunning in certain rooms. Placing other ceiling or track lights in the same room, maybe a living room or den, will give an added appeal.

Segment Archways

A segment archway is somewhat rounded on the top edge with sharp, flatter corners. These are ideal in a room that you want to keep open doorways but still have a separation by the archway and possibly a few separate full, round columns. Using these as the doorway into a dining room that is adjacent to a living room gives somewhat of a separation with openness but still allows the two rooms their own distinction.

Any of the archway shapes look nice painted the same colour as the wall for a subtle look. For more of a bold statement, paint the archway a different accent colour. Another option is to leave the archways in the natural wood stain colour to match any trim or window sills in the room.

Rounded Archways

Rounded archways have extreme rounded edges and are usually used in a narrower but taller doorway. These work great in high vaulted ceiling areas as a gradual archway to an adjoining hallway. A foyer area with many leading hallways and rooms gives a nice place for the tall rounded archways in each entrance to the other rooms.

Another nice design is to make half archway openings in the wall with a half lower wall for a pass through or to display vases or other artwork on the ledge of the wall. Make the entrance doorway to the room in a matching shaped archway to continue the same decor.

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