Hairstyles with hats

Updated March 23, 2017

Hats are popular fashion accessories commonly utilised by women to dress up their normal style. Hats come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Popular hat styles include the cowboy hat, beret, fedora, newsboy cap and baseball cap. In addition to these traditional styles, a variety of summer and winter hats emerge every season. When wearing a hat, it is important to style the hair appropriately. Fortunately, a variety of hairstyles can look appropriate with a hat.

Down and Natural

Many hats can be worn with the hair left down and natural. This style will work with straight or wavy hair. Simply let your hair fall naturally into place and secure the hat in place. If the hairstyle includes fringe, they should be pinned back away from your face. If you have straight hair, you might choose to add soft curls or waves to dress up your hat hairstyle.

Women with extremely curly hair will likely not be able to wear their hair naturally with a hat. In some cases, curly hair will have so much body that it will curl up and around the edge of the hat, creating an unappealing look. Additionally, a woman with straight hair that falls just below the chin should take extra efforts with her hat hairstyle. When the hat is placed upon the hair, it may cause her hair to look like a helmet on the head. To avoid this, pull your hair back and tuck it behind your ears before placing the hat.


Ponytails are an easy hat hairstyle that allows the hat to be the main focus of the look. Ponytails worn with baseball caps can be worn high and pulled through the opening at the back of the cap. However, ponytails worn with other types of hats, such as newsboy caps, summer hats or winter hats, should be positioned at the base of the neck, below the hat. This position ensures that the ponytail will not make an unattractive bump underneath the hat. For a more stylish look, the ponytail can be twisted into a messy bun or classy chignon. This specific hairstyle works exceptionally well with a fancy hat or bonnet.


To add a bit of playfulness to your style, wear the hair in pigtails while wearing a hat. In most cases, pigtails are reserved for young girls. However, this hairstyle can look quite stylish when combined with a fun or flirty hat. Consider the pigtail hairstyle when wearing a baseball cap, newsboy cap, cowboy hat, winter cap or fedora. Position the pigtails low, behind the ears at the nape of the neck. The pigtails can either be left straight or braided.

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