Styrofoam Ball Crafting Ideas

Written by shelley frost
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Styrofoam Ball Crafting Ideas
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Styrofoam balls lend themselves well to a variety of craft projects. The round shape creates a natural base for many design ideas. The foam balls are easy to cut and are an inexpensive craft material. They are readily available at craft stores and come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to customise your craft projects.

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The round shape of the styrofoam ball makes it a good choice for ornaments. Christmas ornaments come to mind first, but you can create ornaments for any holiday. Paint the styrofoam balls to create the foundation for the decoration. Add an assortment of decorative materials such as sequins, beads, ribbons, fabric scraps and glitter to create the desired look. Hot glue works well for most items. Straight pins can hold sequins and ribbon in place if you prefer. Hot-glue a string or loop of ribbon to fashion a means to hang the ball ornaments.


Create bugs and bug shapes from styrofoam balls of any size. Either cut the balls in half or leave them full and round, depending on the look you want for your creepy creations. A ladybug is best fashioned with half a styrofoam ball. Spiders work best using the entire spheres intact, one larger one for the body and a smaller ball for the head. Or create your own make-believe bugs that are either cute or scary. Paint the balls the desired colour and add details. Wiggly eyes and bugs go well together. Hot glue the eyes on the bug's face. Pipe cleaners are ideal to create bug legs and antennae. Press the pipe cleaners into the ball to hold them in place. If they slip out from the hole, add a dot of hot glue and insert them again.

Artificial Topiary

A topiary is another thing you can approximate using styrofoam balls. A topiary can be cut from greenery into any shape, but your artificial topiary takes on the round shape of the styrofoam ball. A wooden dowel represents the trunk of the topiary. Choose any container you want as the base of the topiary. It simply creates a sturdy and decorative base for the topiary. Consider the decor of the room when selecting the container. Other materials needed include a large styrofoam ball, flowers and greenery to cover it, a wooden dowel, ribbon, paint and floral foam for the base. Place a piece of floral foam inside the container to hold the dowel in place. Cover the floral foam with craft moss or raffia so it's not visible. Paint the dowel brown to resemble a trunk, or cover it with ribbon for a whimsical look. You can also use an actual branch or twig for a more natural tree or bush trunk look. Press one end of the dowel or branch into the styrofoam to hold it in place. Cover the large styrofoam ball with silk flowers and greenery. Hot glue works well to hold them in place. Press the decorated ball onto the other end of the dowel.


Styrofoam balls work well to create homemade bird crafts. Use a large ball for the body and a smaller one for the bird's head. Paint the balls in bright colours. Hot-glue colourful craft feathers to the styrofoam body to create the wings. Fashion the legs from pipe cleaners, pressing them into the foam balls to hold them in place. Glue on some wiggly eyes. Create a beak out of felt or craft foam to round out your colourful bird, holding it in place with hot glue.

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