Angel Babies Tattoo Ideas

Written by cam middour
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In recent years, tattoos of angel babies, or "cherubs," have become increasingly popular. Some of the people getting these tattoos are parents who have lost a baby, who decide to permanently commemorate that child in the form of a tattoo. Some people get this type of tattoo as a religious reminder, and others are simply drawn to the image of a happy little cherub as a symbol of childhood, goodness, and innocence. As this trend gets evermore popular, people are starting to get interesting ideas of how to picture these angel babies in tattoo form.

Asleep on a Cloud

An image of the baby asleep on a cloud is already very peaceful, but when you add angel wings to the image of the baby, it adds a sense of safety and calm to the scenario. The baby is drawn snuggling facedown into the cloud, with eyes closed and a peaceful expression. The wings are relaxed, and wrapped around the baby's body, as if protecting it.


One idea, in the case of a lost child, is to get the baby's footprint marks tattooed, along with the baby's name, birth date, and the date he or she became deceased. This tattoo is very tasteful and respectful to the baby's memory. It can also make the wearer feel that he or she has something real of the baby always present, rather than just a stylised image of the baby's face.

Painting the Rainbow

A cute and fun baby angel tattoo that can have a commemorative quality if desired, but does not have to, is an image of a little cherub sitting on a cloud and painting a rainbow. This image whimsically suggests that rainbows come from creative cherubs, and creates a sense of childhood magic. The rainbow and cherub can be surrounded with other images of the sky, such as the sun, the moon, or stars.

Protecting Angel

A popular tattoo is a winged angel standing atop a cloud, and holding a trumpet, or other musical instrument. A baby angel is hovering next to the other angel. This tattoo not only symbolises love, since it is reminiscent of Cupid, it also represents the angel baby being protected by one of God's angels.

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