Ways to Engage the Right Side of the Brain

Updated February 21, 2017

Logical, organised thinking is often required for career duties, financial responsibilities and decision making. The human brain is divided into two sections, and the left side that controls analysis and organisation sometimes becomes the most dominant. This left side dominance may result in a loss of the ability to be creative. Exercising the right brain can help to engage visual and intuitive thought processes, helping you to use all of your brain every day.

Brain Exercises

A good way to begin using your right brain is through exercise. Brain teasers and puzzles require the logic of the left brain to solve, but other exercises that focus on visualisation techniques will give the right brain a workout. Memorisation and strategy games are examples of those that require visual and intuitive thinking. Writing with your less dominant hand is another way to tap into the right brain's potential.

Increase Creativity

Creative activities also stimulate the right brain. Singing, painting and doodling are all effective ways to exercise creativity. Random thinking is controlled by the right brain, so spontaneous approaches to planning will use creative juices. Instead of making lists for groceries or chores, map out a more abstract plan. Also, try cooking without a recipe to work out your right brain.

Balance the Brain

Both parts of the brain are used daily, but the left side dominates in most activities. Be sure to alternate left and right brain training activities to encourage the sides to work simultaneously. Physical exercises can improve brain balance. Juggling or walking with opposite arms swinging forces the two sides to work together. Listening to music will satisfy the right brain while participating in typical left brain activities, like balancing a checkbook or filing receipts.

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