Camouflage Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Most children love camouflage. If you are planning a camouflage birthday party or just looking for camouflage crafts for your children to do at home, all you need are a few ideas and children with a creative imagination. The children can show off their artistic skills by giving the crafts away as gifts or displaying the projects in their bedroom for everyone to see.

Binocular Crafts

Give each child two empty toilet paper rolls. Have them colour the rolls with brown, green and black paint in a camouflage pattern. Tell them to tape the rolls side-by-side to create camouflage binoculars. The children can also use construction paper, paint and paint pens to colour the binoculars. Attach a piece of camouflage yarn to the binoculars so the child can hang them around his neck. Be sure the yarn is long to avoid a choking hazard. For added decoration, give the children animal stickers to decorate the binoculars.

Wearable Crafts

Children can make their own pair of camouflage flip-flops using camouflage bandannas and a basic pair of flip-flops. Help the children cut the bandanna into 1-by-3-inch strips. They will tie each strip around the straps of the flip-flops. The children can also use the strips to tie around elastic to make necklaces and bracelets. For another idea, decorate white basic tennis shoes with black, brown and green acrylic paint or puff paint to create camouflage tennis shoes.

Mask Crafts

Kids can make camouflage animal masks by printing colouring pages of animal faces. Have the children colour the faces with brown, black and green crayons. Poke a hole in both sides of the mask and attach elastic string to it. For another idea, the children can print a human face and colour it with camouflage colours. For a physical activity, allow the children to paint their faces with non-toxic camouflage face paint. Take pictures of their creations and print the pictures for them to hang in their room.

Other Crafts

Explain to your children how animals can change the colour of their body to camouflage themselves to hide from predators. Have the children collect twigs from the yard. They can use brown, black and green chenille stems to make the twigs into "stick bugs." Attach googly eyes for added decoration. Have them place the bugs in the yard to see how the bugs will blend in with leaves and grass. Another idea is to use camouflage pom-poms to make "camo creatures." The children can use the pom-poms, glue, rhinestones, googly eyes, chenille stems and their imagination to make "camouflage creatures."

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