Instructions for Acclaim Perms by Zotos

Updated July 20, 2017

Zotos Acclaim Perm kits include waving lotion, activator and neutraliser, as well as applicator bottles. You will also need rods, which are rollers for perms, and end papers to protect the hair ends from getting crimped in the rolling process.


Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue of styling lotions or sprays. Towel dry and section your hair for wrapping onto the rods. Use end papers on each rod. Take rolled cotton and place it around your hairline and wrap a towel around your neck.


Take the activator and pour it into the bottle containing waving lotion. Agitate it gently and then snip the tip of the applicator top. Cover each rod with activator lotion, ensuring that it is completely applied. When you are finished, remove the cotton from your hairline, and cover your scalp with a vinyl shower cap. Leave the activator in for 25 minutes, if your hair is not colour-treated. Colour-treated hair requires testing at intervals and shorter processing times -- 15 to 20 minutes -- depending on the type and extent of the colouring process.


Rinse the activator lotion out of your hair. Make sure to thoroughly remove all activator by rinsing for about 5 minutes. Towel dry the rods and then use paper towels on each rod to ensure that any excess moisture is removed.


Gently shake the applicator bottle containing neutraliser and snip off the top of the cap. Apply it to each rod, ensuring that it is evenly and fully coated. Be sure to leave about 14.8ml (15ml) of the neutraliser in the bottle for later. Leave the neutraliser in for about 5 minutes and then remove the hair rods. Take the remaining neutraliser and work it through your hair, massaging it through to the ends.


Completely rinse all neutraliser from your hair. Use a cool water rinse for 3 to 5 minutes and then towel dry. There is no need to shampoo afterwards. Wait 48 hours before washing, conditioning or otherwise treating your hair.

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