Famous female duos for halloween

Written by kate bradley | 13/05/2017
Famous female duos for halloween
Real-life duos can make a splash with famous-duo costumes at Halloween. (David Woolley/Photodisc/Getty Images)

If you're tired of pairing up with your male significant other every Halloween, grab a close girlfriend and go as a famous female duo. Pop culture and history are full of options for creative female duo Halloween costumes. Make your costumes as accurate as possible and stay in character to make an impression everyone will remember.

Famous Female Relatives

Wear long, dark brown wigs and long white dresses. Carry small Union Jack flags to be Kate and Pippa Middleton. Or, carry lots of shopping bags, wear huge sunglasses, revealing clothing and long, bleached-blond wigs to be Paris and Nicky Hilton. You could also go as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - Mary-Kate is the boho chic one, and Ashley is the glamorous, trendy one. Wear dramatic eye make-up and long blond wigs.

TV Show Duos

Dress as Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble from "The Flintstones." For Wilma, you just need a white one-shoulder dress, a short orange wig and a large white necklace. For Betty, wear a short blue halter dress with black edging. Wear a short black wig with a blue bow and white ball earrings. Or, go as two of the female American Idol judges. Dress as Jennifer Lopez with a one-piece gold halter-top bodysuit and a long golden brown wig. Use bronzer to make your skin dark like hers. Become Ellen DeGeneres with a pair of sneakers, casual jeans, a button-up white shirt and a short blond wig.

Celebrity Duos

Get a medium-length blond wig and wear a short black dress to be Jennifer Aniston. Your friend needs a long, flowing dark brown wig, a long eye-catching green dress and dramatic make-up to become Angelina Jolie. Carry pictures of Brad Pitt and argue about him. You could also go as Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey. Both wear stylish business attire, but Oprah has short, shiny black hair and Gayle wears her golden-brown hair medium length and turned up at the ends.

Movie Duos

Dress as the famous Thelma and Louise. Both wear 1990s-style tapered jeans with loosefitting T-shirts and a bandanna around the neck. Put on a cowboy hat and carry a toy gun. You could also go as best friends Samantha and Carrie from the first "Sex and the City" movie -- Carrie wears an champagne-coloured wedding gown with a peacock feather on her head, and Samantha wears an elaborate red dress with a train and a red flower in her pulled-back hair.

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