Kids' Crafts With Milk Bottles

Updated November 21, 2016

Teach kids the importance of recycling by reusing plastic and glass milk bottles to make crafts. Milk bottles come in different shapes and sizes and are perfect for making crafts. Children can show off their artistic skills and creativity by making crafts to display in their room or to give away as gifts. With some adult supervision and a few supplies, children have all they need to get started making crafts with milk bottles.

Easy Crafts

Make noisemakers by adding random items like beads, charms, glitter, rice, dry beans and sequins to milk bottles using a small kitchen funnel. Make a tornado by adding water, blue food colouring, a few drops of dishwashing liquid and glitter to a milk bottle. Swirl in a circle pattern and watch the "tornado" form in the middle of the bottle. Omit the dishwashing liquid and add vegetable oil to make an ocean in a bottle. Add small plastic toy fish and ocean creatures to the bottle. Shake the bottle and watch the fish "swim."

Paint Crafts

Plastic bottles work for stamping designs on a T-shirt. Give each child a T-shirt along with a variety of paints. He can use the bottle cap to make circle stamps on the shirt and the end of the bottle with the bumpy side to make flower-shaped prints. For a stained glass project, children can use puff paint to draw designs on the outside of glass bottles. Use glass paint to paint in the lines after the puff paint dries.

Bird Feeder Crafts

Help the children poke holes about 1 inch from the bottom of a plastic bottle, making one hole on each side. Place a wooden dowel or pencil through the holes. Help the children cut slits above the holes depending on size of the birdseed. Fill with seed and hang the bird feeder from a tree. For added fun, have the children paint the bottles with non-toxic paint.

Bottle Crafts

Make a "scene in a bottle" by using small toys to create a scene on a piece of cardboard. Cut an oval hole along the side of the plastic clear milk bottle that will fit over the scene. Place the bottle over the scene and glue down. Create holiday bottle crafts for Halloween by painting a gallon milk bottle with orange paint and a jack-o'-lantern face. Insert a strand of clear Christmas lights to make it light up. Other ideas include making ghosts and monster faces.

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