Spaceship Props to Make

Written by stephanie kelley
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Spaceship Props to Make
Spaceships make appropriate props for science fiction dramatic performances. ( Images)

Ever since the first spaceship was launched from Earth, a satellite called Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957, Earthlings have been fascinated by spaceships and space travel. Spaceships are a common element in science fiction movies and books and appear at birthday celebrations and even as home decor. Make a spaceship prop to use as a decoration for a celebration, for a performance or simply as an imaginative play item.

Cardboard Box Spaceship Prop

Make a spaceship prop out of a cardboard refrigerator box and other simple material. Stand the box on end and cut the top to make a point to resemble a spaceship shape. Curve the sides at top to contour to the point. Paint the box with silver spray paint and cut a door and round windows. Use other paint to add a name to the outside of the ship and other details. Put a chair in the box to serve as a rocket ship pilot seat and glue some bottle caps to the wall to serve as buttons.

Wood Spaceship Prop

Make a spaceship prop out of wood. Draw and cut out a spaceship shape from a sheet of plywood. Make a point at the top of the spaceship and add some boosters to the bottom. Lean a board on the back of the cutout and attach it to act as a stand. Paint the exterior of the spaceship with silver and other coloured paint to add detail. Crumple some red cellophane and glue it to the bottom of the shape to represent fire.

Carpet Roll Spaceship Prop

Make a spaceship out of a carpet roll. Make a point for the end of a carpet roll to create a spaceship. Cut a large circle out of poster board and make a slit halfway across the circumference of the circle and turn it into a cone. Glue it to the top of a carpet roll. Paint the carpet roll and cone with silver spray paint. Paint on rocket ship details such as a name or ship number, windows and a door.

Other Spaceship Props

Make a spaceship that looks as if it came from another planet. Make a doughnut shape out of poster board that fits around a plastic foam ball. Paint the ship with silver spray paint and embellish with small bike reflectors. You can also make a life-size diorama of the interior of a ship and use props to make it realistic. You may choose to use a corner of a room as the ship and hang a black curtain to block off the corner. Hang butcher paper on the wall and attach bottle caps to the paper to look like buttons. Make a steering wheel out of a plastic foam disc. Put a dowel stick through the centre and paint the entire wheel silver.

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