What should I get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday?

Turning 18 is a monumental occasion. Whether you are graduating from high school, starting college, joining the military or making any number of life decisions, this birthday means you have (officially) joined adulthood. There are several options to weigh when buying a gift suitable for the occasion. Taking into consideration the kind of guy your boyfriend is can help.

Techie Boyfriend

Many teenage men are into modern technology. In fact, teens in this category are usually so ahead of the curve that they might already have the latest gadgets. But if you look deeper, you'll likely find something they want but don't have yet. Listen closely to what he says he wishes he had for his phone or computer. Or visit your local techie store and ask a clerk for the hottest and newest item everyone wants. Some general considerations: an e-book reader, a cell phone attachment or upgrade or a computer game.

Adventurous Boyfriend

Some guys are up for anything. They are usually the fun-loving, gregarious types, but not always. Other times they are quiet but easily bored. For either type, plan something adventurous for his birthday. Organise an "Amazing Race" party around your town, where you stop at local cultural or memorable sites for him. Planning a trip to a local amusement park is also a fun idea, and all your friends can join in too if you choose.

Outdoorsy Boyfriend

If your boyfriend likes to camp, ski, hike or bike, he'd probably love an outdoorsy gift to enjoy while being active. A new backpack is a versatile gift because he can also use it for school if he is college bound. New camping gear or a camping weekend away to celebrate with all your friends is another way to impress an outdoorsy gentlemen.

Hard-to-Buy-for Boyfriend

It's hard to know what to get for the guy who doesn't express what he might enjoy as a gift. Because some men aren't good gift givers, they might not expect much in the receiving department either. Since you still want to make this milestone birthday a hit, though, think hard for ideas. What activities was he in during high school? How did he spend his spare time? Does he seem to really love his car or music or pet? A guy who really loves his dog might enjoy a full-service grooming appointment for his pet or just to spend a day at the dog park with you and his four-legged friend.

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