Dream Catcher Crafts to Make

Updated November 21, 2016

Dream catchers are a fun and educational craft for any child to create. These homemade crafts, which hail from Native American tribes, help children have more peace of mind at night. In addition, they make colourful decorations in any child's bedroom.


Native American tribes first created dream catchers. The Ojibway tribe, which lived in the Lake Huron region in parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada, were the first to create dream catchers. The web of the dream catchers would filter through a person's dreams. The catcher was thought to keep bad dreams out, and send only good dreams through. The bad dreams were supposedly caught in the web, and would disappear once the sun rose again the next morning.


Gather the supplies for a child to create her own dream catcher. She needs strong thread, such as sinew or hemp. A 5-inch hoop or ring works well, but the crafter can use any size she desires. To decorate the dream catcher use feathers in different colours and sizes and 10 to 15 pony beads. The feathers and beads are where the child has the most creativity with colours and design.


Use about 70 inches of hemp or string to create the web within a 5-inch hoop. Tie the hemp in a knot on the hoop, and begin to make half-hitch knots all the way around the hoop. Make the half hitch knot until you reach the centre of the dream catcher. Once in the centre, tie the hemp off in a knot and trim it. To add the decorations to the dream catcher, cut several pieces of string, about 7 inches long. Tie these to the bottom of the hoop. Add pony beads to each string, and tie a knot to keep the beads on. Attach feathers with a dab of glue.


Display dream catchers in a variety of rooms, but to make the new craft most useful, it is best hung in a bedroom. Allow the child to decide where in the room to hang his new craft. Explain to him that the dream catcher he just made will help him with bad dreams, and suggest that he hang it over his bed. He will enjoy hanging up a decoration in his room that he created himself.

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