Evergreen tree facts for kids

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Evergreen trees grow from small seedlings to giant sizes that are more than 30 m (100 feet) tall. Evergreens have needles instead of leaves. The green needles stay on the tree all year.


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Evergreen trees are conifers, which means that cones grow on the branches. Seeds form inside of the cones. Small seeds fall out of the cones, and then animals and wind can carry them to another location where they will sprout and grow.


Cedar, pine, spruce, fir, cypress and hemlock are all evergreen trees. The trees have a nice smell and short, prickly needles or clumps of long, thin needles.


Evergreen trees are used by birds and animals for shelter and food. People need evergreen trees for shade, wood and building supplies. Christmas tree farmers grow and sell evergreen trees.

Facts for kids

Native people have used evergreen pitch as a soothing medication and for sunburn prevention. The tips on the young branches of some evergreens provide vitamin C. These tips can be eaten by someone who is lost and in survival mode.

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