Gifts for 90 year old people

Written by james roland | 13/05/2017
Gifts for 90 year old people
A 90-year-old may enjoy headphones to hear the TV better. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

When you're looking for gifts for 90-year-old people, think about what they need. Most 90-year-olds are no longer in the acquisition phase of their lives. They are just looking to enjoy each day. Focus on the 90-year-old's physical condition and abilities and tailor gift ideas to items that will benefit the elderly person.

Gifts of Pampering

Make the 90-year-old feel special with a little pampering. Give her something she wouldn't buy herself, such as a soft nightgown and matching robe. A certificate for a pampering service is a nice gift as long as you also take the 90-year-old to the appointment. Take her to a hair dresser, a manicurist or a massage therapist. If the 90-year-old still lives at home, hire a chef to shop for her groceries and cook meals that she can freeze and enjoy later. Make sure the meals follow her dietary restrictions and don't conflict with her medications.

Gifts of Warmth

Elderly people often feel cold because of poor blood circulation. Address this with a gift of warmth. Give the 90-year-old a nice new sweater such as a cardigan in his favourite colour. Buy him a snuggly new throw that he can use while watching TV or napping in his favourite chair. A pair of down slippers will make his feet toasty and warm, and so will a simple hot water bottle with a nice cover, something the 90-year-old may remember from his youth.

Helpful Gadgets

Technology can benefit the 90-year-old who no longer sees well or hears well. For someone who has trouble hearing the television, give a pair of wireless TV headphones. He'll be able to crank the volume on any program as loud as he wants without disturbing others. If he can't see well, give him a big-screen TV that has a good sound system and a screen that's not too glossy to cut down on glare.

Gifts with Sentiment

By age 90, the sentimental things in life matter more than ever. Give your 90-year-old a gift that will remind her you care each time she looks at it. Give her a large framed photo of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Create a photo album filled with pictures and mementos of her life. Create a video of family members delivering special messages to her. Even something as simple as a mug or tote bag with a family photo on it will be a special and meaningful gift that she'll treasure and show off to her friends.

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