Orange & brown living room themes

Updated February 21, 2017

Using orange and brown doesn't have to be saved for decorating during fall. When these colours are combined to complement each other and when used in just the right amounts, you can create a theme for your living room that looks great throughout the year. With a little time and imagination, you can come up with ideas using orange and brown to create a beautiful and inviting living room that's full of warmth.

Decorating with Fabric

An orange and brown living room can be created by decorating with fabric in these colours. For example, the window treatments in your living room can be a solid colour of orange or brown or in a print that primarily uses both of these colours. Likewise, if you choose a solid colour for your window treatments, you can choose a printed fabric for your living room chairs and sofa in orange and brown and vice versa. Another way to decorate with fabric is to match your window treatments to the fabric used for your upholstery.

Decorating with Paint

Use orange and brown paint in different ways to create a living room in this colour scheme. One way to use orange and brown paint is to paint part of your walls, from the floor to about 3 feet up, in one colour and the rest of the wall in the other. If you have a lot of brown accessories or fabric in brown, you can paint the entire room orange, or vice versa. Another way to use orange and brown paint is to create a focal point by painting one wall orange and painting the rest of the walls brown. Likewise, you can choose to paint one wall orange or brown and leave the rest white. Remember there are different shades of orange and brown. If you have a small living room, using a lighter shade makes the room appear larger -- and if you have a large living room, darker colours make the room feel cosier.

Decorating with Accessories

The different accessories that you use to decorate your living room can help you create an orange-and-brown-themed room. Start with choosing throw pillows for your sofa in these colours -- whether you choose to mix and match solid and printed fabric or choose one or the other. A large, orange area rug adds a pop of colour in a living room. Other accessories that you can choose in orange or brown or a combination of both are candles, picture frames, artwork, flowers and pottery.

Decorating with Furniture

Set the orange and brown theme for your living room with the furniture that you choose. Although a brown sofa can be used, an orange one makes a bright and bold statement in your living room. If an orange sofa is too much for you, choose a brown one and use an orange arm chair or ottoman as an accent piece. If most of your furniture such as your side tables or coffee table is made of wood in a dark or light shade of brown, you can decorate by painting a bookcase or TV stand orange, for example.

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