"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" Fairy Tale Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

The three billy goats who wanted to cross a bridge in the famous fairy tale faced a big problem in the form of an troublesome troll who lived underneath the bridge. But craft projects inspired by the popular children's story should pose no trouble at all. Get crafty with your kids and bring the story to life.


Show kids how to make their own billy goat mask from a paper plate. Help them cut two eye holes in the plate. Show them how to draw a triangular pink nose in the centre of it with a crayon. Then have them draw a curved line for the goat's mouth and a straight line joining the bottom of the nose to the centre of the mouth. Have them cut out two brown construction paper triangles and stick them on the plate to form ears. Cut out a longer, thinner brown paper triangle and stick it at the bottom of the plate to form the goat's beard. Finally, have the kids cut out two small, white triangles and attach them between the ears on the top of the plate. These are the billy goat's horns.

Cork Trolls

Have children make little cork trolls and decorate them with different features. Show them how to glue two corks together. Have them stand the first cork on its wider end. Now have them glue the second cork on top of that , again with the wider end facing down. The bottom cork is the troll's body and the top cork is its head. Give them fabric fur pieces to cut out and glue on the top of the troll's head. Have them stick on self-adhesive google eyes and draw on a fierce troll's mouth with a felt tip pen. Get them to glue a small bead or pom in place as a nose. Have them wrap and glue a piece of felt or crepe paper round the bottom cork as the troll's clothes.


Give children pictures of a real or cartoon goat so they can copy it. Provide them with a sheet of stiff cardstock, coloured pens and craft scissors. Get them to draw three goats: One large, one medium, and one small onto their cardstock and encourage them to use their imaginations to draw a troll. Help them cut out their characters. Thread a needle with nearly invisible, clear plastic thread and thread one cut-out onto it. Knot the end of the thread at the cut out and tie the other end on to a wire coat hanger. Repeat with the other three cut-outs and suspend the hanger for a Billy Goats Gruff mobile.


Encourage kids to explore texture with a multimedia collage. Have them paint a countryside scene on a sheet of cardstock with craft paints. Give them lollipop or craft sticks to glue on as a wooden bridge. Provide felt or fabric fur for them to cut three goat shapes. Have them stick these on the cardstock and add self-adhesive eyes. Give them bubble wrap to cut a troll shape from. Have them paint this lumpy, bumpy troll "skin" with murky greens and browns and glue the troll under the bridge. Get them to stick on google eyes.

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