Halloween Costumes Ideas for Blonde 13-Year-Old Girls

Written by athena hessong Google
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Halloween Costumes Ideas for Blonde 13-Year-Old Girls
Wearing a sheet to be a ghost is passe. Choose a more creative costume instead. (Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Make a statement at Halloween with a creative, fun and age-appropriate costume. For a 13-year-old girl, there is a large selection of costume possibilities. Choose from timely or timeless costume ideas using items from around your home. With some prior planning, you can make your own distinctive Halloween costume without having to venture out to the costume shop.

Princess/Prom Queen

You are never too old to be a princess, but if you do not want to call yourself a princess, be a prom queen. For a classic princess, wear a tiara or glittery headband with a formal gown. Change up the typical princess costume by adding some attitude to your ensemble. Wear pale face make-up and scars made from blood-red make-up on your face. Use an old dress and rip it in several places. Stain the dress with red dye and go as a dead prom queen or perished princess.

Angel or Goddess

Dress in a simple white toga costume with sandals. Wear a halo and white wings to become an angel or wear a laurel wreath around your head to be a goddess from Greek or Roman mythology. For the goddess Artemis/Diana carry a bow and arrow to symbolise the goddess of the hunt. For Aphrodite/Venus, wear a pink or red heart-shaped necklace to resemble the goddess of love. The symbol of the goddess Athena/Minerva is an owl; carry a stuffed owl and shield while wearing a helmet.

A Day at the Spa

For a last minute costume, grab a bathrobe and slippers. Wear with these pale green face paint to resemble a mud mask. Cover your head with a shower cap with holes punched in every 2 inches. Pull strands of your blond hair through these holes to resemble a hair colouring cap. Tell everyone that you are getting your hair coloured blond. This costume recreates what you would look like at the spa with salon treatment options in the middle of a pampering treatment. Of course, if you plan to wear this for a costume, a trip to a real spa for "research" would be justified.

Candy Corn

If your hair is light blond or whitish blond, consider going as a giant piece of candy corn. Wear a bright orange, floor-length hoop-skirt for the bottom layer of the candy corn. The triangular shape of the skirt replicates the shape of a piece of candy corn. Wear a yellow turtleneck for the second layer. Your blond hair or a white hat can be the white top portion of the candy.

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