Under the Sea Project for Kindergarten

Updated April 17, 2017

Kindergarten children enjoy learning about the different creatures that live in the sea. Let them learn about the habitats and characteristics of various sea creatures by creating an undersea world. Turn a piece of blue poster board into a seascape by painting underwater plants and rocks, then let the kids position a variety of sea creatures in their natural habitat against the seascape.


Turn a paper plate and pipe cleaners into a crab. Punch 10 holes around the outside edge of a paper plate and loop pipe cleaners, or chenille stems, through each hole. Bend the pipe cleaner to create a loop at the edge of the plate. Then twist the remaining long piece of pipe cleaner to create legs, bending them to resemble a walking crab. Paint and decorate the crab and add googly eyes, or create originally coloured crabs. Place the crab at the bottom of a seascape, or near the water's edge along with other sea creatures.


Use a toilet paper or paper towel tube to make an octopus. Cut strips about halfway down the length of the tube, about every half-inch. Curl the strips around a dowel or thick marker to create the legs. Glue on googly eyes or cut them from paper and glue onto the top part of the tube. Cut out circles from construction or decorative paper to glue onto the octopus for body texture. Punch a hole in the top of the tube and suspend the octopus from a string or ribbon. Hang it in front of a collage with other sea creatures to add dimension to the display.


Make a school of fish from large and small paper plates. Cut a triangle into the plate to create the opening for the mouth. Glue the point of the triangle on the opposite side of the plate to become the tail. Colour or paint the plate or glue torn pieces of colourful tissue paper onto the plate to decorate it. Use different colour plates to start and refer to photographs of fish for ideas. Glue on a googly eye or button and add to a collage of under the sea life forms. For depth, make a mobile with several fish and suspend in front of the collage to resemble a school of fish swimming together.


Use construction paper to make a jellyfish to add to your under sea world. Use different coloured tissue paper strips or curly ribbon for the tendrils. Cut the body into a half-egg shape and glue or staple the tendrils along the straight bottom edge. Use crayons to colour and stamp pads with inks or tempera paints to decorate the jellyfish with a variety of designs and colours. Alternatively, cut individual cups from egg cartons, paint, decorate and hang the tendrils for a more dimensional jellyfish.

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