Things to Make With the Stampin' Up Owl Punch

Written by ashley kurz
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Things to Make With the Stampin' Up Owl Punch
Create several different figures with Stampin' Up's owl punch. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

The Stampin' Up owl punch provides a way of creating much more than just paper owls, which is what it was originally intended for. The two-step process of using the punch allows you to pick and choose which pieces to layer together to make the finished design. You can use all of the pieces to assemble an owl or choose which pieces to use to make other animals or figures.

Other Birds

Other than the owl, the Stampin' Up owl punch can be used to create other types of birds, such as penguins or chicks. Create other birds by carefully cutting away the pointed ears to follow the natural curve of the body. Leave the feet in place at the bottom and use the circles in the punch to create the eyes. Use the wing portion of the punch as you normally would unless you want to draw smaller wings, like those for a chick, when you decorate. Place the tiny heart that is included in the punch so the point is pointed downward and the rounded top is tucked under the eyes. Glue the pieces together and decorate them with texture stamps or coloured pencils.

Halloween Characters

Create Halloween characters with the body portion of the owl punch. Flip the punch upside down so that the feet of the owl stick up. Leave them in place to use for spooky alien antennas or shear the feet off to create the rounded head of a ghost. Leave the punched body section right-side up and remove the feet to create the body of a bat. Use the owl's eyes on the characters. Cut the wing section of the punch in half to create two separate wings for a bat. Glue the paper pieces in place and add a mouth or nose to each character with coloured pencil or hand-cut paper shapes when you decorate them.

Marine Life

Create squids, jellyfish and octopuses with the owl punch. Cut the feet away from the bottom of the body portion and turn the body upside down to make the dome-shaped bodies of these sea creatures. Cut your own tentacles from the same colour of paper. Add the owl's eyes to finish the faces and glue all of the pieces together. Decorate the aquatic characters with textured stamps, rubbed ink or coloured pencils.

Garden Bugs and Flowers

Create flowers, bees and ladybirds with the owl punch body shape. To create the bloom of a tulip, cut the feet from the bottom of the punched body. Create a stem with a strip of green paper and cut the wing section in half to create two green leaves for the stem. Glue the body shape over the top of the strip so that the owl's ears look like the petals of a tulip. Cut off the ears and legs to make the bodies of bees and ladybirds. Add antennas to them with tiny strips of black paper and hand-cut wings for the bee. Use the circles that are for the owl's eyes to create eyes and black spots for the ladybug. Decorate and add detail with ink or coloured pencils.

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