Jester Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Jesters entertained and told jokes in royal courts of old. Kids today enjoy dressing up and pretending to be jesters for Renaissance festivals, Halloween or Mardi Gras celebrations. Make jester crafts with your kids and enjoy the laughter and enjoyment modern jesters will create with their traditional jester items. Add a decoration to the projects that kids will share with friends.


Make a whimsical sceptre like the ones held by court jesters of old as they entertained the royals. Sceptres are carried by many Mardi Gras and festival participants in modern times. Cut a circle from construction paper or foam sheets and paint a face to make a circle head. Add points of colourful paper for the pointy jester hat. Colour with crayons or markers, or paint on facial features using a picture of a jester as a guide to the details. Glue the pieces together and mount the jester head on a dowel or large craft stick. Add googly eyes, jingle bells on the hat tips and gems along the stick.


Jester hats are easily identifiable, whether worn alone or as part of a costume. With the hanging tips of their hats embellished with jingle bells, your little jesters will make an entrance at any event. Design your own jester hat, choosing colours and embellishments of your choice. Find a pattern on the Internet or draw your own, making sure the pattern is an inch or so larger than the recipient's head to create a seam allowance. Use bright colours of craft foam sheets to make the hat. Either use hot glue to hold the hat together, or punch holes along both sides and use yarn to weave in and out of the holes to keep the hat together. Add jewels, beads, buttons, glitter or fringe along the band to add your own personal style.

Hand Puppet

Make a simple hand puppet from foam craft sheets or fabric. Use your hand as a guide to draw a simple puppet pattern, adding a rounded head with the traditional pointed hat and two outstretched arms. Make sure to add an extra inch of material if you are sewing the puppet together to allow for the seam. Use colourful foam or fabrics to cut out the hat and body and white for the face. Stitch or glue the puppet pieces together. If you are stitching the pieces together, stitch them with right sides facing, leaving the hand opening alone. Turn it inside out to hide the seam. Add metallic ribbon trim along the bottom edge of the sleeves and body. Hang jingle bells on the tips of the hat using glue or stitching them on for a firmer hold. Kids will enjoy telling jokes and acting in puppet shows with their puppet.


Make a colourful and personalised jester to stand on a shelf from a toilet paper tube. Print out a template from the Internet or draw your own jester and let the kids colour it with crayons, markers or paints. Cut out the jester, glue it onto a toilet paper tube, and stand it on a shelf. Add tiny jingle bells to the tips of the hat with glue, or add jingle bell stickers. Let kids make several to colour or paint to resemble family or friends and give as party favours, adding names to the hatband with glitter pens or markers.

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