Cocoon Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Cocoon crafts allow your child or, if you are a teacher, the students in your class to learn about the process of metamorphosis. Using supplies from around your home or from your local craft store, let your children create their own caterpillars, butterflies and cocoons.

Toilet Paper Roll

Using cardboard toilet paper rolls allows children to make a cocoon while recycling everyday products. Wrap the outside of the roll with brown yard, securing it with glue. Use a Popsicle stick, pipe cleaners and tissue paper to create butterflies to put inside the cocoons. Create the butterfly's wing shape with pipe cleaners. Attach coloured tissue paper to the wings using glue. Use tissue paper in bright colours or create a pattern on white tissue paper using coloured markers. Attach the completed wings to the Popsicle stick using glue.

Paper Bag

Create a caterpillar and put it inside a homemade cocoon. Start by creating caterpillars out of egg cartons. Cut a line of four cups, keeping the cups attached. Let your child decorate the caterpillar using markers or paints. Create antenna using pipe cleaners. Then, have your child put the caterpillar into a paper bag for the cocoon. Twist the mouth of the bag together to secure it and place the bag on the counter. That night, while your child sleeps, attach wings to the caterpillar made from pieces of coloured construction paper. Place the butterfly back in the bag and twist it shut. Two to three days later, let your child open the cocoon to check for the metamorphosis.

Cotton Batting

Using cotton batting from your local craft supply store, let your child create a realistic looking cocoon. Provide your child with a bag of batting and a stick from outside. Wrap the batting around the stick until a cocoon shape forms. Secure the ends with hot glue.

Fabric Cocoon

If you have sewing abilities, create fabric cocoons for your child. Cut a 6 by 8 inch piece of brown fabric. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Sew the 3-inch edges together with a 1/4 inch seam, using a sewing machine. Sew 1 inch on either end of the 8-inch side, leaving the middle 6 inches open. Turn the sewn piece inside out. Give your child 1/4-inch buttons. Glue the buttons together in a line to create a caterpillar. Colour a face on using markers. Have your child cut out butterfly wings from pieces of fabric. Then sew the fabric wings onto a pipe cleaner body using needle and thread. Place both the butterfly and caterpillar inside the cocoon.

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