Cute sellable crafts

Creating crafts is a good way to fill some empty hours, and creating crafts that you can sell is a good way to make some extra income. Look in your garage or trash or shop in craft stores, yard sales and hobby shops for ordinary items that you can purchase cheaply or get for free to transform into a cute craft to sell.

Great Glass

Salvage your empty honey, jam, spice, pickle, sauce and salsa jars to repurpose as pretty potpourri jars. Wash the jar and peel off the labels --- for ones that won't come off easily, try Goo Gone or a similar product. Punch several large holes into the lid with a nail and hammer. Then paint the jar. Paint stars, starbursts, flowers or phrases. Paint on stripes or patterns or colour blocks. If you're selling during a holiday season, use a Halloween orange and black, red and green for Christmas or pink and white for Valentine's Day. Throw in a free bag of potpourri with the jar.

Crafty Cushion

Make cute little accent pillows. Start by buying fabric in bold colours, interesting textures and eye-catching prints. Cut the fabric to two squares that are the size you want your pillow to be. Sew the squares together on three sides, 1/2 an inch in from the edges. Stuff the pillow with cotton balls or batting and sew the fourth edge closed. Add a bit of whimsy with touches such as ribbon, tassels, shoelaces or cord.

Boffo Bottles

Reuse boring beer bottles. Turn them into paperweights, decorative pieces or bookends to sell. Wash them and let them air dry; then fill them with whatever you like: dried leaves, coloured sand, plain sand, metal pellets, shells, wood chips, plastic or glass beads, bubble bath beads, yarn, small pebbles, cut-up coloured paper, needles, silk flowers or candies such as M&Ms, Skittles or jelly beans. For a kitchen, fill a bottle with uncooked dried beans, rice or quinoa. Seal closed by screwing the cap back on, inserting a cork or pouring in a bit of glue.

Tasteful Tops

Bottles caps can also be reused. Around the Christmas season, sell bottle cap tree ornaments. Paint caps of any size green, gold, silver, red or other holiday colours; let dry. Adorn with decorative items such as holly berries, beads, glitter and tinsel. Lastly, glue on ribbon or string to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree limb. Or, use the caps to make refrigerator magnets. Paint them white and glue a small magnet inside. Place a fun sticker on the front and spray on a coating of clear varnish.

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