Gift Ideas for South Africans Living Abroad

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have a South African friend or loved one who is living abroad, consider creative gifts that will help your friend remember his or her home. You can make a South Africa-inspired gift or add the theme to a gift you purchased. The key to a successful gift to a is that it reflects something distinct about the country.

South African Travel Journal

Purchase a fabric-covered journal or a travel journal with a blank cover. Glue a patch of the South African flag on the front of the journal using a hot glue gun. Your friend can use the journal to record travels abroad and to reflect on experiences.

South African Beads

Send your friend a set of South African beads from a business that empowers local jewellery makers. She can wear the jewellery during her travels abroad, carrying a piece of her homeland with her everywhere she goes. If you can, give this gift to your friend before she goes so she can pack her jewellery in her carry-on luggage.

South African Blanket Colors

Purchase a blanket and travel pillow set in the colours of the South African flag: red, blue, green, black, yellow and white. You can purchase a blanket reflecting the image of the flag as well. If you decide to purchase items with individual colours, then build a travel set with a blue blanket, a green pillow, a yellow eye mask, a set of red foot bootees, and a black zippered case with travel-size lotions.

South African Calendar

Send your friend a calendar displaying photos from South Africa. Write special events and dates on the calendar. For example, circle the day your friend left and write, "We'll miss you!" Circle the day of your friend's return and write, "Welcome Home!" Customize the calendar with little notes to cheer up, encourage and wish your friend well.

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