What Colors Go With Blue Floor Tiles?

Updated November 21, 2016

Coordinating the colours in your room with the tiles on the floor is necessary for decorating harmony. Whether your tiles are light or dark, you're working with a soothing colour from nature that goes well with almost any colour in the rainbow. The key to picking room colours is to keep colours balanced and use blue sparingly throughout the rest of your decor


An airy colour that will open up rooms with any shade of blue tiles on the floor is white. White walls instantly open up spaces and will balance out solid foundation blue gives rooms. Blue is cool and, when coupled with white, it creates a sense of serenity. Dark blue tiles with white furnishings are sophisticated and look good with blue and white ceramics. You could also go with adding a red sofa, chair or window treatment for a nautical look.


Yellow comes in about as many shades as the colour blue and, when coupled with blue, the look is classic, clean and bright. Choose the best yellow that helps the room feel balanced and not heavy. If your tiles are light blue, you may want to go with a lighter shade of yellow rather than a mustard colour. Look at various shades of gold for more options.


Green and blue create a balanced look in rooms because both colours exist in nature. Look for tones and shades that create a slight contrast. Dark tiles with a dark shade of green on the walls are too overwhelming for a room, but a pale green shade on the will create energy in the room. If you'd rather have white walls, look to add green in window treatments, cushions, pillows and lampshades.


To give a room an expansive feeling, use grey. Light shades of grey reflect colours, opening up rooms. Dark shades of grey give rooms a more cosy feeling. The amount of natural light entering a room affects the colour of grey, and you will need to consider this when choosing a colour that goes well with your floor. Use swatches of light and dark grey on opposite sides of the room, and visit the room at different times of day to get an idea of how light changes the mood and feel of the room. Add silver or yellow accessories to add interest to your room.

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