Centipede Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Several types of centipede crafts can be created to teach children about this particular species of insect. Children of any age will have fun learning about centipedes while also developing their fine motor skills, which are the skills required for coordinating and performing activities, such as cutting, gluing and drawing.

Egg Carton Centipede

To make a centipede from an egg carton, first cut off the top portion of an egg carton. Next, cut the bottom portion of the carton in half lengthwise. Paint the egg carton pieces and allow them to dry completely. With a pencil, carefully poke holes through both outer sides of each egg carton compartment, making sure the holes on either side of each compartment line up. Insert a pipe cleaner through both holes in each compartment so that an end of each pipe cleaner is sticking out of both sides of each compartment of the carton. Cut two pieces of a another pipe cleaner to a desired length for the antennae and adhere them to the front side of one of the carton's end compartments. Draw on eyes and a nose.

Pom-Pom Centipede

Glue various sizes, from largest to smallest, and colours of pom-poms together to form a line of your desired length. Ben Franklin Crafts recommends that you use one large pom-pom, followed by seven medium, two small and one tiny pom-pom. Cut 16 2-inch sections from pipe cleaners and adhere one to each side of seven pom-poms, beginning at the second pom-pom. Adhere the two remaining pieces to the top of the first pom-pom. Glue a tiny pom-pom to the end of each pipe cleaner piece. Glue button eyes and a tiny pom-pom (to use as a nose) to the front of the first pom-pom and add a piece of yarn or a piece of pipe cleaner for a mouth.

Christmas Centipede

To make a Christmas centipede, wrap a cardboard roll, such as a paper towel holder, with shiny Christmas wrapping paper, using tape or glue to secure the paper to the cardboard roll. Adhere the centres of at least four strips of ribbon along the bottom of the cardboard roll to create the centipede's legs. Cut two pieces of a pipe cleaner to a desired length for the antennae, and glue or tape them to the top of one end of the cardboard roll. Decorate your centipede with sparkly objects, such as rhinestones, glitter and tinsel.

Centipede Circles Craft

The First School website recommends teaching letters using animals like centipedes. On a sheet of construction paper, make a large "C" bubble letter. Explain that centipede begins with "C." Cut several small circles, in various colours, from construction paper. Glue a circle on one end of the "C." Glue the next circle beside the first, so that they are just touching each other (it is also OK if they overlap sightly). Continue gluing circles in this manner until the letter is completely covered. Use a crayon or marker to draw antennae, eyes, nose and a mouth on the first circle, and legs off each side of the remaining circles. You can also use pipe cleaner pieces for the legs and antennae, and googly eyes for the eyes.

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