Ideas for Kids' Obstacle Courses

Updated November 21, 2016

Get children moving around with a variety of obstacle courses. Create obstacle courses indoors or outdoors for children. Whether you are planning a birthday party or social gathering for a group of kids, obstacle courses will get them up on their feet and competing for prizes. Awarding small prizes like candy, stickers and toys will encourage the children to try their best while completing the courses.

Indoor Courses

If the weather is bad, create an indoor obstacle course for children. Indoor obstacle courses can use things like pillows, furniture, pillows and string. Hang string from one piece of furniture to another and have the children climb over or under it. Lay down pillows for the children to hop over. Use sleeping bags that the children must get in, zip up and undo before they can move on. Other indoor obstacles include climbing over and under chairs and underneath tables.

Outdoor Courses

Create an outdoor course for children using hula hoops, garden hoses, balls and wood boards. Place the hula hoops on the ground for children to walk in or hang them up for them to hop through. The children can jump over garden hoses and balance along wood boards. Time the children individually or as teams. The individual or team with the fastest time wins the game. Other items to include in an outdoor obstacle course include a broomstick or physical races, such as army crawling, crab walking and bear crawling.

Wet Courses

You can make a wet course to get the children cool on a hot summer day. Place several small plastic swimming pools on the ground. The kids can jump in and out of the pools on the course. Other things for a wet obstacle course include water balloons, buckets of water and water sprinklers. Make one course and time each child or make two identical courses to have the children compete in teams.

Messy Courses

Messy obstacles courses are best with help from several adults. Fill small plastic swimming pools with water, slime, gelatin, noodles and shaving cream. Have the children race through the pools to find small items they need to advance past each stage. Adults can stand on the side of the course tossing water balloons, shaving cream filled balloons and slime filled balloons at the children. Adults can also spray water with a water hose at the children to try to slow them down. Each child can complete the course individually or the children can race as a team. The individual or team with the fastest time wins the obstacle course race.

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