Crafts for the Story of Moses

Updated July 19, 2017

The story of Moses is found in Exodus and is full of intrigue, mystery, miracles and a battle or two. Even as a baby, Moses' life was interesting. Follow the life of this great man of the Bible from the time he was a baby hiding in a basket and the extraordinary events that surrounded him throughout his life. Use crafts to make the story come to life for children.

Baby Moses

Make a baby Moses in a basket craft to help illustrate the story. Make a baby Moses puppet by colouring a paper plate brown and folding it in half to form a basket. Put two pieces of tape on the sides to secure it. Cut grass out of green construction paper and glue it to the sides of the basket, letting some of the basket show through the grass. Make a baby Moses figure on paper, cut it out and tape it to a craft stick. Cut a slit in the bottom fold of the paper plate and insert Moses. Children can make baby Moses pop his head in and out of the basket.

Another way to make a baby Moses craft is to use a paper bowl as a basket. Colour it brown and fill it with grass or raffia. Cut a baby Moses image out of paper and set it in the basket.

Red Sea Crafts

Use crafts to enhance the story of Moses parting the Red Sea. Recreate the scene with a diorama using a piece of cardboard and other materials. Paint two edges of the cardboard blue to represent the water and leave the middle strip brown for the land. Crumple blue tissue paper into balls and glue them to the water area to represent waves. Make a small Moses out of a paper cone. Embellish it with felt clothes and cotton beard. Make a staff out of a pipe cleaner. Make other figures to walk through the Red Sea with Moses.

Let children walk through the Red Sea. Set up two rows of chairs with the backs facing a middle aisle. Drape the chairs with blue blankets to represent water and pin paper fish to the blankets. Let children walk down the middle aisle, between the chair backs, and pretend they are walking through the Red Sea with Moses.

Ten Commandments

God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses as guidelines for how humans should behave. Make Ten Commandment tablets to display or for an education project. Cut two pieces of craft foam into a tablet shape with a flat bottom edge and a rounded top. Paint the tablets light brown and write the Ten Commandments on the tablets with permanent marker.

You can also create paper Ten Commandments. Cut two pieces of brown paper grocery bag pieces into tablet shapes. Write the Commandments onto the paper and then roll the paper into a ball and unfold. Repeat several times to achieve an aged look.

Other Moses Crafts

Make other Moses-themed crafts to help tell the story. Make a burning bush picture to supplement the story. Use a piece of blue construction paper as the sky. Cut a hill out of green construction paper and bush branches out of brown construction paper. Cut small squares of red, yellow and orange cellophane and roll them into a ball to add to the branches. Make a Moses figure out of paper and attach him to the scene. Moses should be bare foot and have his sandals nearby because God told him to remove his shoes because he was standing on holy ground.

Make a Moses costume for a performance or imaginative play. Cut beard shape out of poster board and cover it with cotton balls. Add an elastic string to keep it in place. Wear a robe and have bare feet. Wrap a piece of fabric around the head to serve as a headpiece.

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