What colours go with a green metal roof?

Updated February 21, 2017

A metal roof gives the top of your home a decorative sheen that is indicative of modern design; roofs made of metal are also energy efficient and increase the value of your home. If you're in the process of choosing bricks, wood or siding that will match a metal green roof, the "perfect" colours for you will depend on your decorative style and preferences.

Medium Brown Tones

Rich shades of brown brick that aren't too intense are the ideal accessory to a metal roof in a pronounced green shade like pine or hunter green. Dark sandy brown wood siding or stone accents for the home exterior will be the main feature of the house if the roof is a metallic light green like sea foam or a silver-ish green. A dark Kelly green like Vineyard works well for a for a mocha-coloured home and will make the house especially noticeable without being too showy.

Shades of Red

Both vivid and subdued green metal roofs will complement a red brick home well. For instance, a rusty red bricks adds welcoming warmth to a home with a deep green metal roof. Siding or bricks in a cranberry or medium red are attractive with a dark green roof as well; grass or tree leaf green will also give your home a vibrant touch. Green roofs are a fashionable addition to a home with black bricks or siding. For instance, an olive green metal roof will make your home stand out, and you can add white shutters amid the black brick to create a classic black and white hue scheme with a pop of colour.

Light and Medium Gray

Gray and grey stone or bricks are a visually appealing combination with a green roof if you're going for a somewhat neutral or understated theme. For instance, a moss green metal roof will make a home with pastel grey bricks stand out nicely without appearing too overpowering. Slate grey wood for your home will look particularly more attractive when you add a forest green metal roof to the house along with shutters in the same colour. A refreshing shade of ivy green for a metal roof complements a medium grey home well as the pronounced roof colour keeps the bricks from appearing bland.

Pastel and Medium Yellow

The pretty combination of yellow and green makes your home appear cheerful and upbeat. Paint the wood that makes up your home a lemon yellow to match your hunter green meal roof; the deep green hue will lessen the intensity of the yellow colour. Sea foam green metal roofing is an ideal accent for a pastel yellow home; the two light and understated colours will give a cottage or bungalow a slightly whimsical feel. Yellow brick or stone accents on your home that are tinged with gold or tan hues are particularly striking with your grass or patina green roof.

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