Funny & unusual gifts for a 60-year-old

Updated April 17, 2017

As retirement approaches, it is a wonderful chance to reflect on the highs and lows of one's life, to spend time with loved ones and to slow down to appreciate the fruits of a lifetime of accomplishment. For those who have difficulty seeing the good side of turning sixty, clever gifts can turn the mood around, and for those already feeling the joy of old age, they can create a brand new happy memory.

Blast From The Past

Gift ideas that bring back old memories can be touching and funny and may even spark some conversations about what life was like long ago. Go beyond retro candy or newspapers by asking your recipient's old friends for ideas about experiences, places or items that held special meaning for them. If you can, find real long-lost treasures from their past life or gather some old friends to recreate a special moment from long ago, like a proposal, school dance or return from the war.

Pun Gifts

Six golf tees. Six varieties of loose leaf tea. Get it? Sure it's silly, but a good pun gift can spread smiles and laughter. If you're looking for cheap and simple, this can be as simple as an old thrift-store T-shirt with a huge "6" emblazoned on it. If you're in the mood for something a little more elaborate, gather six gifts that start with a "T" or look like a "T" and see how long it takes people to catch on.

Ironic Youth Gifts

Who wouldn't want a huge poster of the latest teenage pop sensation? Anybody over the age of 17, probably. Nevertheless, a well-chosen ironic gift can get a big laugh and, with a little thought, even be something the recipient will actually end up using. Many seniors enjoy a stellar text messaging plan as much as their grandkids, and a gripping vampire novel is a gripping vampire novel. If nothing else, you can always attach that pop poster to the back of a framed painting or photograph they'll actually enjoy.

Silly Family Gifts

Any parent or grandparent appreciates a book of family photos, but why not spice it up with a little humour and creativity? Photograph family members pretending to hold up a huge, heavy object, and then create photo coasters that look like the grandkids are straining to hold up that mug. Or create a storybook with characters who just happen to resemble the family members. Send them on a wild adventure and let the gift recipient save the day for a happy ending.

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