What Colors Go With Fuchsia?

Written by mary mcnally | 13/05/2017
What Colors Go With Fuchsia?
Fuchsia flowers abound in nature. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Bring the colour of spring into your home. Fuchsia, that bright purple-pink colour, is not only one colour variety of the fuchsia plant, it is also a natural colour for other flowers such as phlox. Fuchsia may be a strong colour, but it compliments a variety of colours, some just as bright and others more pastel. Experiment with fuchsia and other strong or light colours to bring an interesting colour palette to your decor.

Navy Blue and Black

A fuchsia rug with navy blue and black accents can liven up a room where the walls are a neutral colour such as eggshell white or a light tan brick. Add solid fuchsia, navy blue and black scatter pillows to living room chairs and couches to continue the colour theme. Hang a bright-pink fuchsia plant in the window to add bits of green and fuchsia accents to the room's perimeter.

Black and White

Paint the front of a set of bookshelves with drawers fuchsia. Paint the top solid black. Alternate geometric shapes in black and white on the shelf backs. Paint the drawer knobs white with a small circle of black outlining the front of the knob. Set the piece of furniture on a black-and-white tile floor. Use any leftover fuchsia paint to outline the white panels on a closet door in the same room.

Faded Teal

Faded teal is a strong interior decorating colour that has made a comeback. Its soft colour makes a visually stunning accent to fuchsia architectural details, especially when it is used on formal furniture such as a drawing room couch or guest chairs. Pair faded teal furniture or rugs with ivory walls and fuchsia doors or fuchsia and white stairs, balusters and handrails. Paint the stair risers white and the treads fuchsia.

Olive Green and White

Fuchsia also works well as an interior accent colour for built-in bookshelves. Paint the walls of a room a solid olive green. Paint the interior, front trim and shelves on a built- in bookshelf bright fuchsia. Paint the edges of each shelf olive green. Paint the ceiling, window and door trims white to give the room some neutral colour. Frame the built-in bookshelf with white and fuchsia vinyl wall cling flowers.

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