Curtains that match with green walls

Updated February 21, 2017

Green, the colour of harmony and growth, is an ideal shade for communal rooms in your home like the kitchen or den, but it also works well in the home office as the hue denotes concentration and endurance. If there are windows in the room you've painted green, curtains in the ideal colours and materials will bring the area's decor theme together and make the space even more inviting.

Metallic Colors

Metallic shades, like gold, bronze or silver, all look good with green. Hunter green is even more enjoyable to view on the walls when bronze-coloured curtains in velvet or heavy fabric grace the curtains. This look is also ideal if the room has a Victorian feel. Silver curtains pair well with a medium green wall; a slate-like shade of green makes the grey in silver curtains pop. Gold curtains are aesthetically pleasing against brown-tinged green walls. "Muddy" or claylike colours are also neutral enough to add more metallic accents to the room, like gold vases to match the curtains.

Shades of Yellow

The brightness of yellow, which represents intellect and cheerful energy, pairs well with the freshness of green. An electric shade of green tinged with yellow calls for a lemon-yellow set of curtains; a grass or Kelly green wall is nicely accented with a lesser shade of yellow, like butter or pastel. A yellowish green colour on the walls will be appropriately noticeable with a slate yellow curtain, and light, barely-green colours like vert de terre will immediately appear vibrant when golden yellow silk or quality cotton curtains are added to the space.

Muted Reds or Oranges

Red and green oppose one another on the colour wheel, making them good complements to one another in home decor. The intensity of the reds and greens should match, such as a muted or slightly pastel shade of red for curtains in a room painted a dark lime green. If jewel tones are the theme in the master bedroom or den, an emerald green wall will appear even more elegant when adorned with ruby red curtains. Orange and green are visually favourable together as well; a pistachio green wall with a burnt orange curtain is both energising and tranquil. A peachy orange with a light, greyish green is soft and simplistic.


Brighten up olive green walls with classic white curtains, which gives the room a light and airy feel, particularly if the curtains are made from thin cotton or chiffon. A thicker material lends sophistication to spaces like the living or formal sitting room. Pure white curtains against a lighter colour green like pistachio make the kitchen pretty but modest and allow for lots of light to shine into the space since white is technically the absence of colour and makes an eye-catching gateway for sunshine. An off-white or cream colour for curtains works well in a room where two shades of green are present on the walls, such as sea foam green walls with dark green panelling. The slightly tan shade of white serves as a bit of a balance between the green hues, making hunter green less intense and causing the sea foam shade to stand out more.

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