Crafts With Plastic Rings

Updated April 17, 2017

Plastic rings are environmentally friendly, cost effective and easy to manipulate into different shapes. These qualities ensure they are suitable for both young and old ages. Celebrate a change of seasons with plastic ring projects that reflect an aspect of nature or a holiday.


Ring in the winter holiday season by recycling plastic ring appetizer trays, such as those used to display shrimp, as shown on the All Free Crafts website. These black rings can be used to create wreaths for every door or mirror in your home. Begin by cutting an opening the size of a coffee can lid out of the centre of the tray. Wrap greenery or garland around the entire plate, tucking the end into the starting point and securing it with a safety pin. Take a walk in the woods and collect twigs and pine cones. Spray paint the twigs metallic silver and allow them to dry. Glue the pine cones on top of the greenery and tuck the twigs behind the pine cones. Attach a plaid ribbon to the top of the tray and hang your wreath.

Hyacinth Flower

Celebrate the start of spring or highlight a Sunday School class lesson with a hyacinth plastic ring craft such as the one featured on the Christian Games and Crafts website. Numerous six-pack plastic ring holders are necessary to complete this project. Begin by cutting out long strips of the plastic from the ring holders. Poke a bamboo skewer into the end of one plastic piece and then slowly pull the rest of the piece onto the skewer as well, folding it back and forth like a ribbon. This should result in a soft pressed snake shape. Lay all completed skewers into a cardboard box and spray paint half green and half pink. The green pieces act as stems and leaves and the pink are your flowers. Secure a bunch of flowers by tying pink or green ribbon around the pieces.

Cat Toys

The plastic rings that hold together a six-pack of soda, beer or other various beverages offer a simple, quick opportunity to craft a play toy for your cats. When removing cans from their slots, pay careful attention and keep the plastic rings intact. Next, hold the entire piece up lengthwise and tie a piece of ribbon into each of the top two holes, tying the loose ends together. Hang the plastic up and tie a single piece of ribbon into each of the two bottom holes. Weave three small silver bells onto the bottom of each ribbon piece and secure them in place by knotting both ends.


Save up those plastic six-pack drink holders and spend an afternoon with your kids completing an easy snowman craft. If completing this craft in a school environment, host a collection drive prior to starting. Cut the entire six-pack straight up the centre, lengthwise. This should leave you with two sets of three attached circles. Leave all circle rims fully intact while separating the pieces into six individual circles. Flatten all circles before beginning the next step. Hand out one piece of construction paper to each child. Glue three plastic rings on top of one another, in a vertical line, creating a snow man. Use a black pipe cleaner to create a hat on top of the head. Draw on a face and pipe. Add cotton balls at the bottom of the page to act as snow.

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