Decor Ideas for Hallway and Stairway Walls

Updated March 23, 2017

The entry hall and stairway in your home represent the first area in which you can express your creativity and set the tone for your decor. While your decorating options are wide open, there are a few basic steps that may make your job easier.

Tie it Together

Treat the hall and stairway as one cohesive space. The reason for this is twofold. As we walk into a space our brains work hard to make sense of everything we see, including the decor. Blending the two areas, carrying the same design plan throughout, allows visitors an immediate, clear impression of the decor. This first impression leads to the second reason you should tie the two spaces together. First impressions matter most when it comes to home decor. If your hallway and stairway look like they've been well-planned and properly executed, guests will assume that the rest of your home is just as carefully appointed.

Create a Focal Point

In most homes the hall and stairway don't account for a great deal of square footage. Therefore, you probably don't want a busy arrangement in the hallway, with an equally busy arrangement hanging on the stairway wall. Decide where your focal point will be. For instance, if you have hand-sketched bird prints in matching frames that you'd like to hang on the stairway wall, consider that the focal point. You can tie it together by stacking a few ornithology books on a hall table and placing a jar of brightly coloured faux bird's eggs next to it. If you'd rather create a more complicated display in the hallway, keep the stairway decor simple.

Use Color as a Design Tool

There are a number of creative ways you can tie the hall and stairway areas together. If the space is tight, consider painting them both in the same light-reflecting paint colour to make it feel more spacious. If you have a bit more room, opt for a monochromatic look by painting the hallway one colour and the stairway a slightly lighter or darker shade of the same colour.

Create an Accent Wall

If you've deciding to introduce a monochromatic look, consider using painter's tape to create wide vertical stripes up the stairway hall, alternating stripe colours from one monochromatic shade to the other. Increase visual interest by adding gloss to one of the colours. You can also wallpaper only the wall leading up the stairway for a pop of instant design.

Light it Up

A modern light fixture, tasteful chandelier, small lamp on the hall table or simple wall sconces going up the stairway can all add light to the hall and stairway area. The reason real estate agents turn every light in the house on before visitors walk in is that light makes a space feel larger, less cluttered and more welcoming. Take advantage of the available light to do the same.

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