Jewelry Gifts for Doctors

Written by cee donohue | 13/05/2017
Jewelry Gifts for Doctors
Stethoscope cufflinks are an option. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Choosing the right gift for someone can be difficult unless you know her specific interests or she has a known profession, such as a doctor. Gifts of jewellery are choice options because they can be practical and personal, and most people welcome a gift of jewellery. Knowing a doctor likes jewellery makes it a bit easier to choose that perfect gift.


Watches make a great gift for many people but especially for someone who works on a schedule, such as a doctor. Depending on if the doctor is male or female will dictate the style of watch you choose. But, no matter the style, it's an appropriate gift. Watches can also be engraved with the doctor's name, initials or even a message like "Time for a Checkup."


Most doctors keep a stethoscope around their neck, and there are pendants available that are small replicas of a stethoscope. These cute pendants are a choice gift for a doctor, allowing her to have a stethoscope around her neck at all times. The pendant -- combined with a nice chain to complement it -- is the type of jewellery any doctor would appreciate. Another option is a stethoscope charm for a bracelet.


Doctors sometimes need to attend a formal event, and a well-suited gift for this type of dress is a set of cufflinks. For a classic look that will also symbolise his profession, consider cufflinks that feature the medical caduceus. These are available in different types, such as the symbol engraved into a gold or silver background as well as the symbol itself as the cufflink. Another choice for a doctor's cufflinks is those that look like miniature thermometers.

Saint Luke Charm

Saint Luke is considered to be the patron saint of doctors and surgeons. In fact, he was a doctor himself. A charm of Saint Luke is a meaningful gift for a doctor. The charm can be worn on a chain or a bracelet or pinned to any piece of clothing like the doctor's lab coat or scrubs. This type of charm is available in gold and silver as well as in various sizes.

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