Red Brick Exterior Colors

Updated February 21, 2017

Red brick gives the exterior of any home a classic look and there are several variations of red brick colour, like terra-cotta or rust, that will fit a number of decorative tastes and preferences. The parts of the home that aren't brick, like the window panels and siding, should coordinate with the main red colour of the home's exterior to maintain the elegance of the home, or add modern appeal.

Lighter or Darker Reds

Choose a shade of red that is lighter or darker to adorn your brick home to achieve a warm and monochromatic feel. For instance, bricks that are a rich red chocolate colour will have a softer appearance when the home siding is a shade of beige tinged with red -- applying the lighter shade to the window sills will give the home a more uniform look. Light rust-coloured bricks seem more intense when you feature bold shades of red in other parts of the home's exterior, like a cherry red door or maroon siding.


The classic sophistication of white will make any red brick home look impressive. Bold shades like cotton or lily white can balance the boldness of fire red bricks, particularly when featured on the siding of the house or on the shutters. Shades of off-white and modest ivory hues are ideal for light red brick, as the two shades will blend well and make your home noticeable without being too flashy. Metallic accents work well with white on a red brick home as well, such as a gold door knocker on a white door.

Dark Gray

Dark grey brings out the dark, rustic feel of burgundy or terra-cotta bricks and is a cool colour that has a slightly receding effect that will make the house appear slightly larger. Dark or medium grey shutters are striking but not overwhelming and will complement the white or red flowers you've planted near the windowsill as well. Gray siding or a grey roof looks great with vivid shades of red brick, but the lighter the grey, the lighter the brick should be. For instance, a pastel grey is best with pinkish red bricks; charcoal grey is best with burgundy bricks.

Dark Blue or Green

Jewel tones like hunter green or navy blue complement a red brick house well. The combination of cool tones of green and warm red hues is visually appealing because red and green are directly opposite one another on the colour wheel; dark green windowsills and shutters add sophistication to the home and the rich-coloured siding will showcase the lush green lawn. Royal or navy blue siding and shutters is particularly striking against medium red bricks; a door in this colour adds aesthetic value to the home. Or, if you've decided to paint the front door a deep red, trimming it with dark blue and adding a blue door knocker makes for an inventive home feature that makes your home one-of-a-kind.

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