'80s Bob Hairstyles

Updated November 21, 2016

In the '80s, big hair was the order of the day. With all the teasing and spraying that women did to their hair, they even found new ways to make the simple bob cut as big as possible. The original classic bob style came into vogue in the 1920s when women bobbed their hair short. It was updated for the larger-than-life '80s and came in several different looks.

Medium or Long Bobs

While short bobs had gone in and out of style for around 60 years, the 1980s claimed a bob all its own. Like a lot of other fashion trends of the day, bigger was better for some '80s bobs. Women wore medium-length bobs to their necks or longer bobs to the tops of their shoulders. They teased the sides and sprayed it with hairspray to achieve maximum volume. Characters on popular '80s TV shows sported these mega bobs, such as Linda Evans' character, Crystal Carrington, on "Dynasty." Her puffed-up bob was an iconic example of the style.

Short Bob With Contoured Neckline

Short bobs that came to around ear length were a natural evolution from the trendy '70s wedge cut. They had the same rounded shape, but the wedge cut had layers on the sides and was stacked more in back. Short bobs of the 1980s were all one length to the ears, and the hair below the ears in back was trimmed short to the head and often contoured into a V-shape. Young girls to teens and adults wore this style, as did women with all hair types, from straight to curly.

Chin Length Bob

The classic chin-length bob is what many people picture when they think of a bob cut. In the '80s, as it was in the '20s, the basic cut consisted of the hair all one length to the chin where it was cut in a blunt line. Women put a modern twist on the look in the '80s by getting body perms to give the bob volume, or spraying the sides of their hair with hairspray and blowing them dry with a round brush to get them to stand out from the sides of their heads.

Side Parts and Bangs

To have fringe or to not have fringe has long been the question with any bob cut. Bobs without fringe in the '80s were often parted on the side, with the longer side hanging in front of the woman's eye. Bangs offered an opportunity for that famous '80s height, though, and many women with bobs opted to have fringe. They weren't usually cut as short as the super short "baby fringe" that would be trendy in the '90s. In the '80s, fringe were usually cut just above the eyebrow and texturised instead of being cut bluntly across. Women sprayed and ratted their fringe to make them puff up.

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