Ideas for a Devil Face Painting for a Little Girl

Painting a little girl's face is a simple way to make a traditional devil costume unique. Whether she's a friendly, silly or frightening devil, the face paint will help accentuate her devil's personality and make the whole costume more entertaining. When creating the face paint design, consider the age-appropriate details like a devilish grin.

Devil's Little Girl

Create a character with a little help from the girl's imagination, and ask her what she thinks the Devil's daughter looks like. Cover her face with red paint and make pink horns extending over her eyebrows. Outline her lips in the same shade as the horns, extending the mouth wider for an inhuman grin. Paint black roses on the side of her cheek and accessorise her costume with a red glittery pitchfork.

Devil Herself

If your daughter wants to be a big bad devil like the one who haunts story books, accentuate the scary details. Use a light shade of red as the base over her entire face and emphasise gaunt cheeks with black lines under the cheek bones. Paint a black goatee at the tip of her chin. Use black eyeliner to exaggerate the size of her nostrils by drawing large round circles at the bottom of her nose. Colour in the space between her eye and eyebrow with black and slant the top of her eyebrows upward.

Devil in Disguise

If the girl is young, make her the devil disguised as a little girl and avoid painting her entire face by embellishing her features. Outline her lips with black lipstick, and draw a black triangle over her nose to resemble a decayed skeleton. Make her eyebrows thick and dark with an eyeliner pencil. Complete the costume with red curved horns over her forehead.

Spectacular Horns

A devil's horns are her best feature. Focus on painting elaborate horns that begin just above the eye and go to the top of the hairline. Curve them around to look like they begin at her ear. Colour the horns in bright red and trace them with thick black lines. Draw tiny yellow or white stars over the horns for added flair, and draw matching stars on her cheeks. Leave the rest of her face free of make-up and pull her hair back with a red headband or a spiky ponytail on top of her head.

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