Ideas for Scary Halloween Costumes From Movies

Written by jennifer hayden
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Ideas for Scary Halloween Costumes From Movies
Scary horror movie characters make great Halloween costumes. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Halloween is a magical time, full of excitement, candy and scary costumes. It is not unusual for kids and adults alike to attempt to out spook each other with their costumes. Movies are a great reference for scary Halloween costume ideas. Many of the most popular horror movie villains made their appearance in the last few decades and continue to haunt us in sequels. From Freddy Krueger to Hannibal Lecter, we were left shaking in our seats.

Freddy Krueger

"Nightmare on Elm Street" is considered one of the best, and spookiest, horror movies of all time. Featuring Freddy Krueger, a hauntingly disfigured man who kills people while they are dreaming, this movie continues to instil chills in anyone who watches it.

To make a Freddy Krueger costume, all you need is a red and black striped sweatshirt, black trousers and boots, a dark fedora and claw gloves. Visit a local Halloween shop for a Freddy Krueger mask, as replicating his disfigured face may be difficult.

Jason Voorhees

Even Jason did battle with Freddy Krueger, though fans will continue to debate which one was the victor for many years to come. In the "Friday the 13th" movie franchise, Jason Voorhees was a boy who, according to urban legend, tragically drowned while at summer camp. A few decades later, he either donned a hockey mask and terrorised millions of moviegoers or served as the impetus behind the killings.

To become Jason for Halloween, layer an earth-toned button-down shirt over a similar coloured undershirt. The button-down should be worn open. Use scissors to make vertical cuts into the bottom of the button-down shirt hem and sleeves near the wrist so that it looks haggard and torn. Don a pair of black trousers and boots. The focal point of a Jason costume is the hockey mask and a machete, the latter of which you can make by cutting out a long, curved knife shape from cardboard and covering it with tin foil.


Pinhead, aptly named because he has pins sticking out of his head, has been scaring people since he debuted in 1987. In the seven "Hellraiser" movies, Pinhead leads the Cenobite people and guards the gateway to hell. Those who solve the Lament Configuration "win" an award given by Pinhead, which is to be ripped apart by chains and hooks before being banished to hell.

To make a Pinhead costume with little effort, wear a long-sleeved black shirt with black trousers and black boots. Don a long, floor-scraping black robe over that. Pinhead is another costume mask that may prove difficult to safely recreate. Luckily, many Halloween shops carry his scary mug.

Hannibal Lecter

"Silence of the Lambs" gave us Hannibal Lecter, the cold yet oddly intriguing madman who frightened viewers with a mere stare. Unlike other horror movie villains that preceded him, he did not need blood, guts or tools to scare the trousers off the general population. Lecter's appeal as a villain was more in the fact that he was intelligent and not physically hideous; the character is one that is not blatantly fictional, and that frightened people more than anything.

Hannibal Lecter is most recognised by his muzzle-type mask, which covers the lower half of his face and restricts his ability to bite people. As for the rest of the costume, choose white trousers and a long sleeved top. Pull your arms up into your sleeves so that the ends of your sleeves are empty. Cross your arms in front of you and have someone secure the sleeves behind you in restraint fashion. Another option is a bright orange jumpsuit. Use a marker or paint to write "Mental Ward" on the breast.

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