Baby Looney Tunes Party Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Baby Looney Tunes is a newer version of the classic Looney Tunes. Children will have fun at parties with a Baby Looney Tunes theme because the characters are young, varied, energetic and cute. Most children are familiar with the characters and will delight in attending a party with this theme. It is also an appropriate theme for a baby shower, as the characters are sweet and adorable. There are a variety of characters, so get creative with the Baby Looney Tunes party ideas.


Design a cake with a Baby Looney Tunes figure theme. Use coloured frosting to decorate the cake top with images of Baby Looney Tunes. Or bring an image of Baby Looney Tunes to your local bakery or grocery store bakery to have them custom make a cake with their images. Alternatively, make cupcakes for bite-size miniature treats with the same theme decorated on.

Party Game

Play Baby Looney Tunes themed games. For example, Pin the Diaper on the Baby Tweety bird, is played the same as the classic tradition of Pin the tail on the Donkey. Draw a Tweety bird on cardboard or print out an image and glue it to the cardboard. Cut around the edges. Draw diapers and cut them out, write each party guest's name on a diaper and place double-sided tape on the back. Have each guest take turns being blindfolded and attempting to tape the diaper closest to the correct spot on Tweety bird. The closest wins.

Party Favor

Baby Looney Tunes figure stuffed animals and clothing are available at many party stores. If you can't find pre-made goodies, print out images of Baby Looney Tunes on sticker paper or non-permanent tattoo sheet paper. Kids will have fun playing with both. Alternatively, put regular party favours such as candy and confetti in a colourful paper bag with images drawn or printed and pasted onto the side of the bag. Each person can receive a different Baby Looney Tune on his or her bag.


Many pre-made part decorations will be available at craft stores and party stores with Baby Looney Tunes themes. If pre-made decorations cannot be found, use the Internet to find images of Baby Looney Tunes. Print and cut out these images to hang up around the room. Paper sheets with images can be glued onto party table cloths, plates, paper cups, and just about any other surface visible at the party.

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